Services Offered
Athletic Reconditioning offers a variety of
services for reconditioning athletic equipment.  
This includes but is not limited to football
helmets, shoulder pads, lacrosse helmets, cloth
and tackle equipment.

We recondition all makes and models of football
helmets including Schutt, Riddell, Adams,
Xenith, Rawlings, Champro, and All-Star.  Our
reconditioning process includes custom paint
jobs, replacing parts and face masks as needed,
putting all new hardware on each helmet as well
as cleaning and sanitizing the helmet and its
internal parts.
We also clean, sanitize, and repair shoulder pads, cloth,
and baseball equipment.  Athletic Reconditioning uses
Bio-Shield to clean and sanitize all shoulder pads and
helmets.  We will replace or repair any damaged parts. We
will wash and repair most all cloth as well.

Athletic Reconditioning reconditions Lacrosse helmets as
well.  The reconditioning process includes repair or
replacement of damaged parts and replacement of face
masks as needed.

To learn more about how reconditioning works, please
click on any of the pictures.  For more information on any
of Athletic Reconditioning’s process, please feel free to
contact us or the salesman in your area.
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