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Reconditioning Helmets
The importance of reconditioning:

· About 1/3 the cost of buying new helmets.

· Helmets get cleaned and sanitized.

· Ensures helmets meet NOCSAE standards.
The first step in Athletic Reconditioning’s process is to ensure that all
paperwork is filled out completely.  We take many steps to ensure that
all helmets are done to meet the customers satisfaction.  The initial
paperwork plays an important role in what we do.

Once we receive the equipment, we double check what we receive
against the paperwork to ensure that there are no discrepancies.  
Satisfaction is Athletic Reconditioning’s main goal and any
discrepancies in the paperwork will be addressed as soon as they are

All equipment is reconditioned to meet all NOCSAE standards.  Any
helmet that does not meet these standards is rejected.  Helmets can be
rejected for a number of reasons including but not limited to age,
cracks, deformities and failing the drop test.

Helmets that pass the initial inspection then move through the
reconditioning process being double checked at every station.  Helmets
are broken down, removing all old hardware and sticker/decals, buffed
and washed.  They are then either custom painted to match team colors
or cleaned and waxed to put a shine back on the helmet.  All parts are
checked and any parts that are defective are replaced with new parts
that meet the original manufacturer standards.  Any face mask that does
not meet NOCSAE standards is also replaced with a mask that meet the
original manufacturer standards.

Convenient arrangements for pick-up and delivery of equipment is
If you would like to send your teams equipment to Athletic
Reconditioning for any reconditioning services, please fill out the
Reconditioning Form.