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Fitting Helmets
A football helmet must fit
properly in order to provide
adequate protection.  
Improper fit could result in
serious injury.
Athletic Reconditioning strives to ensure the safety of
every player wearing any helmet.  In order to assist
coaches and trainers in properly fitting their players with
football helmets, we have provided links to the different
manufactures websites that demonstrate the proper way
to fit their helmets.  You can choose to view these
methods in PDF form and print them or you can watch the
instructions on video.

We have also provided some additional links that may
prove useful in ensuring the safety of your players.  These
links include USA Footballs Helmet fitting page as well as
some information on concussions provided by the CDC  
and USA football.

We have also included a quick checklist on inspecting
your teams helmets for cracks and other deformities.  If a
helmet is cracked then is should be removed from the field
of play immediately